Frequently Asked Questions

Video Tutorial
1. Registering an Account

An introduction to the BOLD Student Data Portal website. This video provides an overview of the system and describes how to register and create a course.

2. Submitting Data

This video follows the submission of a DNA barcode record from the specimen data all the way to the sequence. It focuses on the student interface, but it allows instructors to follow the steps students will need to undertake in order to create their records.

3. Overseeing a course

This video provides an overview of the tools available to instructors to monitor student work and participation. It also describes the steps needed in validating and approving student-generated data for publication on BOLD and GenBank.

What should I do once my students have uploaded all their data on BOLD-SDP?

Once your students have uploaded all their data, they can begin to use the tools built in to BOLD-SDP to analyze and study what they have collected.

Questions derived from DNA barcoding research can encompass a range of science and societal disciplines including ecology, genetics, molecular biology, conservation, and socio-economic issues. Several resources already exist to help guide you through your lesson plans and more information on how to use the BOLD-SDP tools and what questions can be answered can be found in the BOLD-SDP brochure

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