An integrated workbench supporting the assembly, analysis and publication of
DNA barcode data by students at the
university and college levels.

Quick Start Guide

The BOLD University Student Data Portal (BOLD-UNI) is a classroom-focused interface to the BOLD database. This platform provides instructors and students with the tools necessary to make contributions to the DNA barcode library used for identifying species. It also gives students the opportunity to integrate and analyze specimen and sequence data while providing instructors with tools to monitor student progress and evaluate their work. Students can explore the large database of DNA barcode records submitted by scientists around the world, but they will also be able to add their own data to the ever-growing DNA barcoding library. Contact us for support in using this system in a classroom setting (


A portal for students to assemble DNA barcode records in a simplified but powerful data collection and analysis environment.


A management interface for instructors to register students and classrooms; review student work and utilize data validation workflows.


Search for and browse data records, images, and geographic distributions for species being barcoded.

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